Picture Study

Picture Study
Madonna Enthroned by Giotto

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Week of 10/3/16

Weekly checklist Level 5 Year 1 9th grade

Week of 10/3/16

       Bible – 90 Day Reading Plan Day Day 6: Genesis 21-24

       Catechism- Compendium Questions 19-20 (book links)
                                                                   21-22 (book links)
 By b mjjjju u
       Spiritual Reading- The Creed in Slow Motion Ch. 4 Maker of Heaven and Earth p. 28-32 “walk on part”
                                                                                       Ch. 4 Maker of Heaven and Earth p. 32-36


       History of English Literature The Story of Fingal (book links)

       Poetry, Prose and Drama Riddle 46 https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Anglo-Saxon_Riddles_of_the_Exeter_Book/46

       Great Myths of the World- Babylonian- In the Beginning

       Shakespeare Much Ado about Nothing Act 2, Scene 3 (book links)

       Epics ___________________

Rhetoric/Critical Thinking

       How to Read A Book _____________

       Elements of Style Reading Rules 7 & 8
                                       For rules 7 & 8, copy the examples into a notebook and come up with 1 or 2 examples of your own for each rule


       Lingua Mater Week 3, Day 3 (make sure you are caught up to Week 3, Day 2)
                                Week 3, Day 4
                                Week 3, Day 5


       Our Lady’s Dowry                         2-First Martyr - St. Alban
       Our Island Story                              8-Vortigern & King Constan


       Founding of Christendom Ch. 3 Fire on Sinai p. 38-49
                                                      Ch. 3 Fire on Sinai p. 40-59


       Book of Discovery Julius Caesar as Explorer                              
                                     Strabo’s Geography

       Halliburton Ch. 1
                            Ch. 2

       Map Work


       Whatever Happened to Penny Candy Ch. 3

       Life of Fred: Pre-algebra 2 with Economics __________


       Plutarch Alexander from “Ambassadors from Persia” to “better than they.”


       Fallacy Detective ___________

       Aristotle for Everybody ____________


       Kahn Academy                                             Chemistry of Life: Chemical bonds and reactions
                                                                                  Waters, acids and bases: Hydrogen bonding in water
                                                                                  Waters, acids and bases: Cohension and adhesion
                                                                           Waters, acids and bases: Temperature and state changes in water
                                                                           Waters, acids and bases: Acids, bases and pH

       Life of Fred: Pre-algebra 1 with Biology Ch. 5
                                                                              Ch. 6

       Further reading ___________________________

       Nature Study ___________________________

       Algebra 1                                CK12 1.1 Variable Expressions (attached to email), do problems on separate sheet and have for Tuesday
                                                       CK12 1.2 Order of Operations (attached to email)
                                                       CK12 1.3 Patterns and Equations (attached to email)
                                                       CK12 1.4 Equations and Inequalities (attached to email)

       Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra ________

Fine Arts

       Picture Study ____________

       Activity: _________________


       How to Listen to and Appreciate Great Music _____

       Composer Study ________

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