Picture Study

Picture Study
Madonna Enthroned by Giotto

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Week of 9/19/16

Weekly checklist Level 5 Year 1 9th grade

Week of September 19, 2016

       Bible – 90 Day Reading Plan: Day 4: Genesis 12-16

       Catechism- Compendium Questions: 13-16

       Spiritual Reading- The Creed in Slow Motion: p. 10-13
                                                                                       p. 14-18


       History of English Literature: One of the Sorrows of Storytelling

       Poetry, Prose and Drama: Riddle 21

       Great Myths of the World: Osiris and Isis

       Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing: Act 2, Scene 1

       Epics ___________________

Rhetoric/Critical Thinking

       How to Read A Book _____________

       Elements of Style Reading: Rules 3 & 4
                                       Exercise: For rules 1 & 2, copy the examples into a notebook and come up with 1 or 2 examples of your own for each rule
                                     Exercise: For rules 3 & 4, copy the examples into a notebook and come up with 1 or 2 examples of your own for each rule


       Lingua Mater Week 1, Day 4
                                Week 1, Day 5
                                Week 2, Day 1
                               Week 2, Day 2
                               Week 2, Day 3


       Our Island Story The Romans Came
                                     The Romans Came Again


       Founding of Christendom: Ch. 1
                                                      Ch. 2 first half


       Book of Discovery: Herodotus- The Traveller
                                         Alexander the Great Explores India

       Halliburton _____________

       Map Work


       Whatever Happened to Penny Candy Ch. 1

       Life of Fred: Pre-algebra 2 with Economics Ch. 1


       Plutarch Alexander read from “When Alexander died the vast burden” to “kings to contend with”


       Fallacy Detective ___________

       Aristotle for Everybody ____________


       Kahn Academy:           Water, acids and bases: Hydrogen bonding in water
                                               Water, acids and bases: Cohesion and adhesion
                                               Water, acids and bases: Temperature and state changes in water
                                           Water, acids and bases: Acids, bases and pH

       Life of Fred: Pre-algebra 1 with Biology Ch. 3
                                                                             Ch. 4

       Further reading ___________________________

       Nature Study ___________________________

       Kahn Academy Algebra 1       Introduction to algebra: Introduction to variables    
                                                       Introduction to algebra: Substituting and evaluating expressions
                                                       Introduction to algebra: Evaluating expressions word problems                                                   
                                                       Introduction to algebra: Writing algebraic expressions  introduction
                                                       Introduction to algebra: Dependent and independent variables

       Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra  Ch. 1

Fine Arts

       Picture Study: Giotto Biography and Lamentation

       Activity: _________________


       How to Listen to and Appreciate Great Music Ch. 1

       Composer Study: Hilgegard von Bingen

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